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Noor Din—a passion for innovative, community-based solutions

After 15 years in the IT sector, Noor Din made a decision to focus on the well-being of his community.  He wanted to apply the ‘design thinking’ from his engineering background to some of the complex problems he was seeing in his own South Asian community—unemployment, marginalization and isolation.

In 2004, Noor started a non-profit organization called Human Endeavour to engage the community to find creative solutions. Together, they created new jobs through social enterprises and founded HOPE, a seniors’ wellness program. HOPE has grown from a small, grassroots project to one that serves more than 700 seniors in five locations in the Greater Toronto Area. 
Noor is a leader who thinks outside the box, and inspires creativity in others. His passion and leadership have helped to influence the health and economic wellbeing of ethno-racial communities in Toronto and beyond.

Hope for seniors, older adults in Vaughan

Jackie Bajus— compassion and collaboration Jackie Bajuscompassion and collaboration 

Jackie has a naturally engaging and collaborative leadership style, which underscores her mantra that, together we can make this happen. Over the past 35 years, she has been both an advocate and an on-the-ground activist to promote innovative initiatives that go beyond the traditional areas of school to promote inclusion within the Hamilton community. Jackie’s broad approach to community collaboration goes beyond the walls of schools as she inspires and engages others to ensure that all children are safe and welcomed in a community that enhances their full potential.
Jackie works in collaboration with a broad range of organizations across the community to ensure that they create and maintain the conditions to support a more level playing field for children—especially those adversely affected by social circumstances. 



Christopher Morgan— vision and commitment Christopher Morgan— vision and commitment

Driven by his vision for reduced health inequities and culturally sensitive and appropriate services, Christopher Morgan worked to improve the health and well-being of the Black community in Malvern and in the Greater Toronto Area. Christopher understands and seeks to address the causes of the causes. His ability to mobilize others to build a unified voice and his desire to be involved has led to his success.  He continues to maximize the strength of the collective for the good of the community.  He’s an inspiration to those who work along him, a leader with ability to involve others and encourage the development of their own leadership.

Christopher has had a significant impact on the community including the founding of the Black Health Alliance, a collaborative of professionals and community members which eventually led to the creation of TAIBU (Kishwahil for “be in good health”) Community Health Centre.


Baldev Mutta— creativity and focused determinationBaldev Muttacreativity and focused determination

Baldev is a community developer who dreams big and shares those dreams with others. His advocacy efforts and leadership over the years has earned a reputation as a champion for social justice.  Baldev has had a transformational impact on ethno-racial communities, particularly the South Asian community in Peel. His work with youth, seniors and marginalized individuals are founded in inclusion and mentorship principles and he encourages individuals to be the best they can be. Baldev`s approach to partnership and collaboration allows him to see possibilities where others see barriers.  He is an excellent example for emerging leaders on how to move an agenda forward without actually being the agenda.

Among his many accomplishments, Baldev was instrumental in the development and success of the Punjabi Community Health Services which is based on a holistic model to address the underlying social, economic and environmental factors that influence health.


Vicki Van Wagner—a champion for maternal and women`s healthVicki Van Wagner—a champion for maternal and women`s health

Throughout her 30-year career, Vicki has been a tireless advocate for women’s health and for midwifery in Ontario—and beyond. Her leadership role in establishing midwifery as a regulated and funded health profession in this country is rooted in her belief that all women, regardless of geography or socio-economic status, should have access to midwifery care. She is an educator and leader who inspires and empowers the women in her care, her students and her colleagues.
Vicki`s advocacy for aboriginal midwives has contributed to the return of birth to aboriginal communities in Canada. Her research on remote midwifery in Nunavik has gained national and international recognition for this Inuit-led model of health care service and education.  


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