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Frequently Asked Questions

Are self-nominations accepted?

No self-nominations are accepted. Nominees must be nominated by a third party.

Can organizations be nominated?

Although we recognize that exceptional leadership is a team effort, this award seeks to shine a spotlight on the individual who demonstrated leadership qualities.

What is needed to nominate someone?

 If you visit our instructions page you will find all the steps needed for a successful submission.

What is meant by “outside the formal health care field”?

The award does not want to preclude individuals working in the Health Care field. However, the purpose is to recognize leaders who are working above and beyond formal health care to further the social determinants of health.

Example : Sally is a clinician for a local hospital. When she is not working at the hospital she organizes a community garden and food box program.  Sally’s volunteer work within her community exemplifies several leadership attributes that she applies towards addressing the social determinants of health. Sally is eligible for the Health Leadership Award.

What will the recipient of the award receive?

The goal of this prize is to provide national, provincial and local recognition of the recipient’s leadership abilities and work.

In addition to recognition, the recipient will also be honoured at a gala in Toronto, Ontario. Accommodations and transportation will be provided.

The recipient will also receive a unique handmade glass Health Leadership Award statue. 

Will every nominee receive a prize?

There will only be one recipient of the Health Leadership Award. However, finalists will receive a Certificate of Recognition and shortlisted nominees will be highlighted on the award’s website.

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