3M Health Leadership Award

Recipient and Finalists 

We were amazed by the variety of leadership styles and community initiatives represented in the 56 nominations received in the Award’s inaugural year.  There is an inspiring amount of work underway across the country.

We are pleased to announce that the recipient of the 3M Health Leadership award is Joyce Rock, formerly from the Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood House in Vancouver, British Columbia Ms. Rock was instrumental in the creation of the Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood House in downtown Vancouver. The DTESNH is a nexus for community engagement and programming that not only addresses the needs of the community, but fosters a sense of inclusion within all of its programming. Her DTES Kitchen Tables Project has since been implemented in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Montreal, Quebec. Read more about Joyce.

In addition to recognizing Joyce’s exceptional leadership style, we would also like to recognize the award’s two finalists: Gordon Smith from Go for Health Windsor-Essex and Walter Hossli from Momentum in Calgary, Alberta.

Mr. Smith has been actively involved in his community of Windsor-Essex for over 35 years.  In these 35 years, he has been a member, volunteer or chair of more than 12 community organizations. He is also the founder of Citizen’s Advocacy Windsor-Essex, and founder of the Go for Health Windsor-Essex Coalition which has brought together various organization together to improve the health and wellbeing of Windsor-Essex.

Mr. Hossli and his community economic development organization, Momentum, have been assisting Calgarians transition out of poverty for over 20 years using a community based approach and Sustainable Livelihoods model that helps both develop skills and identify assets. In addition to his work here at home, Mr. Hossli also regularly volunteers his time and knowledge abroad in Africa and Belize.

The next call for nominations will be in march 2012! Add your name to be notified via email.

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