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2012 3M Health Leadership Award Winner

Noor Din—a passion for innovative, community-based solutions

After 15 years in the IT sector, Noor Din made a decision to focus on the well-being of his community.  He wanted to apply the ‘design thinking’ from his engineering background to some of the complex problems he was seeing in his own South Asian community—unemployment, marginalization and isolation.

In 2004, Noor started a non-profit organization called Human Endeavour to engage the community to find creative solutions. Together, they created new jobs through social enterprises and founded HOPE, a seniors’ wellness program. HOPE has grown from a small, grassroots project to one that serves more than 700 seniors in five locations in the Greater Toronto Area. 
Noor is a leader who thinks outside the box, and inspires creativity in others. His passion and leadership have helped to influence the health and economic wellbeing of ethno-racial communities in Toronto and beyond.

Hope for seniors, older adults in Vaughan

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